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come they call us

November 29th, 2009 by biscuit

It’s not November anymore.  I realize the time stamp on this post is 11/29, and that’s technically true, but it’s December in my house and heart (and of course all the stores).

I have sparkly snowflakes decorating my window, a lit tree behind me, and icicle lights hanging from my loft. There are chocolate chip cookies cooling on the counter and curry and rice bubbling on the stovetop. Admittedly neither of those is Christmasy alone, but they’re combining to make this sweet spicy yummy smell that’s totally working for me.

So in my house, it’s December. Merry December, darlings, whatever December means to you.

This dude loves December so much he's reaching out to give it a big ol fuzzy seal baby hug.

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