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it’s feminist video monday!

February 22nd, 2010 by biscuit

Video 1) Superbowl Dodge Charger ad rebuttal, from the pov of us humorless feminists*:

*In an interview, MacKenzie Fegan said, “I started adding in some of the lighter, funnyish lines… [knowing] otherwise I’d be written off as a humorless feminist, which is almost as unappealing to the YouTube crowd as a video without cats.”

Video 1a) If you missed the original, you might want to watch it first. If you’re a humorless feminist OR don’t particularly appreciateĀ advertisementsĀ that are based on the theory that the modern woman is emasculating every man out there, you might want to have something around to bite down on:

Video 2) Vampire Weekend, Giving Up the Gun. The feminism in this one is more implied, but I see it anyway. Or maybe I just like the song and her bitchin’ red outfit.

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2 Responses to “it’s feminist video monday!”

  1. D says:

    All three videos were good, but the “answer” video by women should have ended with her getting a Hot Car also… had she, it wouldn’t have been about sexism, but instead about how meaningless all of our lives have become.

  2. emmanation says:

    But I wanted it to be about sexism, and so did she. Don’t mess with the humorless feminists, dad.

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