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she comes out on Fridays every time

April 30th, 2010 by biscuit

Welcome to our new Friday segment: Overly Sensitive Emma!

Crockett is being all weird. Not speaking in tongues weird, just kind of off. Possible causes: work, his parents being in town, all his springtime house chores, scheduling upcoming trips, or the squirrels attacking his solar panels. The reason I don’t actually know the cause: I ask and he doesn’t tell me.  What I automatically assume is the cause: me.

Why do I do that? There is absolutely no good reason for me to think that, and yet last night in every dream of mine I was trying to get him to tell me what was going on. He wrote notes that I never got, he told other people in whispers, but he never told me.

This is (obviously) less about Crockett than it is about  me. My privacy threshold is…. well, I’m not actually sure where it is. My default state is ‘overshare’. Intellectually I understand that not everyone is the same way. I know people who share sparingly and only with those that they trust. I am not one of those people.

To be clear, I have a vault. There are secrets in my vault – but they mostly belong to other people.

The problem comes in when I find someone’s aversion to sharing personal. I’m willing to share every lil detail of my life, gosh darnit. As a matter of fact, you’d probably have to ask me very nicely if you wanted me to stop. Funny stuff, embarrassing stuff, stuff about getting dog poop on my hands, whatever. When other people aren’t willing to share such details, I feel like it’s because they don’t want me, specifically, to know.

Repeat after me: secrets are not rejection.

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9 Responses to “she comes out on Fridays every time”

  1. Kitty says:

    I’m the same way. I always assume it’s me, that if my boyfriend doesn’t tell me everything that means he’s hiding things from me. Reality? He doesn’t deal with stress well and prefers to keep things inside instead of emoting/complaining/talking about what’s on his mind. Nothing to do with me.

    Yeah, I might be a little bit crazy.

  2. emmanation says:

    It’s a little ridiculous how much better that makes me feel. Us lil bit crazies need to stick together.

  3. Star says:

    So Crockett totally is up all night chasing the squirrels from the solar panels and so he is sleep deprived. There is also the possibility that he has rabies as one of the squirrels bit him in a, ahem, sensitive area. So keep an eye out for foaming. Also, he might be planning a surprise for you!

  4. emmanation says:

    A surprise! Why that would be lovely! As long as the surprise isn’t rabies from a squirrel bite in his boy parts, that is.

  5. B.C. says:

    Speaking of sensitive areas, and of oversharing, I just explained in detail to Star why I was not at practice last night. If your dad wasn’t on here I would share it here.

    Personally, I think Crockett is training squirrels to do something nice for you. However, when he came over the other night to bitch about a ton of things, he went on and on for hours and never really ended up saying anything. He and Dave then went for a table tennis throwdown. Also, I dreamt about my grandpa who died like 15 years ago. But that has nothing to do with what is wrong with Crockett. OR MAYBE IT DOES.

  6. emmanation says:

    AhhhhhHHHHHHH. I am so scared right now that either trained squirrels or your dead grandfather (RIP) are about to show up at my door with a bouquet of flowers and a breakup note!

  7. D says:

    Firstly… ahem, B.C…. don’t think of me as Em’s Dad. Think of me as a fellow traveler on the road to enlightenment (besides, I have stories that would make you laugh so hard whatever you are drinking would come out of your nose).
    Secondly… yes, editing yourself can be difficult. Even the guys I work with sometimes have to say, “WHOA, waaay too much information”. Still, sharing has a cleansing effect that makes it worth it, even if you are talking about ___________ and __________ . (OMG, did he just say __________ ?)

  8. Awlbiste says:

    I dunno, I am way into the oversharing. And I am morbidly curious so I love other people’s oversharing also. Even if it’s gross or I don’t necessarily *care*, I just HAVE. TO. KNOW.

  9. emmanation says:

    It’s just fascinating, right??

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