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Stockholm, Day 13

April 20th, 2010 by biscuit

Stockholming Myself is the brainchild of the brilliant Temerity Jane. If you want to join in, she’s got a whole thing going on over there – check it out. It’s not a diet thing, it’s not a weight loss group, and it’s not NOT those things, either. It’s looking at yourself every single day until you like what you see – either through change or through acceptance. I’m in it for reasons I explain a little here.

Dress - Target.

I had this zipper back thing going on wayyy before Mrs. Obama did. Yep, she learned it from me.

I am doing a sales training this afternoon, and I therefore wore a dress.

Isn’t it odd, the clothes that we consider dressed up? This dress is cotton, it has pockets – it’s certainly not ‘fancy’. Somehow, however, I just feel more professional in a dress. I cannot do blazers to save my life, as they either make me look like I’m playing dress up in my mommy’s clothes or kind of butch. When I want to upgrade from jeans/cardi, it’s a dress or nothing.

And I’m guessing that nothing probably wouldn’t give the right impression for a sales training.

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