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I’m totally inceiving right now and you can’t even tell

July 26th, 2010 by biscuit

My love for Inception is not because of my overwhelming-and-verging-on-inappropriate love for Ellen Page.

It may be because my love for Joseph Gordon Levitt and my love for Cillian Murphy, when combined, is virtually unstoppable. (What? I like my men pretty – sue me.)

Really. I was saying dirty things in the movie theater, and I went to see it with Crockett and my mom – NOT, as you might imagine, the ideal audience for a running commentary of the things I want to do to those pretty, pretty men.

Of course, my  mom had similar feelings for Tom Hardy, so really it was only Crockett who was left out.

Although now that I think about it, when we got home, Crockett said, ‘Who was that woman who played DiCaprio’s wife? Marion Cotillard? Yeah, she’s all right.’

You don’t know Crockett, so let me explain. ‘She’s all right’ would translate into ‘dammmmnnnn that girl is fine’ in the mouth of a man who said things like that. Crockett is dignified and full of the deep thoughts and therefore says no such thing. Except sometimes about me. Because otherwise I cry a little, noisily and with lots of snot.

I bet Marion Cotillard gets snotty and weepy too sometimes. Probably.

Do you need more of a reason than lots of pretty, pretty people? If you’re that guy, that I don’t care about looks* guy, there are reasons for you too.

  1. There is fabulous (verging on magical) sciencey stuff. Even better, the verging on magical stuff isn’t over-explained or under-explained (I’m looking at you, Primer), and is instead slowly revealed piece by piece, right when you care.

    Gordon Levitt will Drink. Your. Shifting-gravity. Milkshake.

  2. There are takeaways. I double dog dare you to leave the theater without wishing you had a totem.
  3. Finally, the characters would be worth rooting for even if they weren’t so damn adorable. They have hopes and fears and goals, just like real people. Cept, you know, real people with the power to climb into your head and fuck with your dreams.

There are reviews galore, so I’m not going to bother with more. Instead, I might just go see it again – it’d be a better and more entertaining use of my time than answering programing questions like ‘3. IS THIS LINE A MEMORY LEAK OR DANGLING POINTER?’

*Liar. No one is impressed, dude.

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4 Responses to “I’m totally inceiving right now and you can’t even tell”

  1. Crasher says:

    Gotta go see it again! And not just because of Tom Hardy (although that might be part of it.)


  2. Awlbiste says:

    I am totally all about Marion Cotillard.

  3. biscuit says:

    My only complaint is that to be that beautiful and also French just doesn’t seem fair. I always wanted to be French. Mostly so I could wear berets and smoke.

  4. biscuit says:

    Admit it. That’s all of it.

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