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beautiful mind

September 1st, 2010 by biscuit

My Applied Math professor is kind of hot.

(He’s no Crockett, but virtually no one is.)

Does this count as stalking? I took this picture for YOU GUYS. So if I go to jail for stalking, it's YOUR FAULT.

He’s all tall and willowy and he has that floppy ‘I’m an intellectual who can’t be bothered with being overly attentive to personal grooming’ hair. He’s youngish. (Ok, fine. I checked. He got his B.S. the year before I got mine, so he’s roughly my age.)

To be clear, he isn’t my type. I like my men sturdy, strong, and preferably brunette.  I have very little interest in someone who would sway like a tree if he picked me up.

However, there are two other women in Professor Floppy Hair’s class, and as far as I can tell he is acting as an advisor for both of them. In class on Monday he mentioned to one of them that he had to reschedule their 1 on 1 and I swear to god that she moved faster than Speedy Gonzales getting her calendar out to find another time that worked.

Here’s my question. Is what I’ve been taught (by television, of course) about male professors and female students a lie? Do they not, in fact, all have crazy academic office sex for better grades and plum assistantships?

Because if it is true, this prof is probably getting a lot.

Just saying.

P.S. Crockett was a T.A. when he was in grad school. If I’d been in his class…. whooHEEE. I would have been in lurrrve. I would have been that girl in Indiana Jones’ class who wrote on her eyelids.

Also? Probably wouldn’t have learned anything.

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3 Responses to “beautiful mind”

  1. Joe Flasher says:

    Having been in the classroom, I can tell you sadly, it’s not true. Now I was in the sciences so maybe it’s different elsewhere. But in fact, you get training on this and they warn you that these things may happen. I did have students say ‘suggestive’ things before, but none of it was really clear enough for me to actually think they concretely were trying to do anything. But I am a bit thick at times…

  2. biscuit says:

    That’s mildly disappointing.

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