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where I invade other people’s privacy

September 28th, 2010 by biscuit

I wasn’t kidding about it being privacy week, in case you were wondering.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my office mate at work. I used a clever pseudonym (Rochester, the city she’s from – I know, my creativity knows no bounds). Not a lot of people that I work with here read my blog (that I know of).  I was vague when referring to her problems.


I still put her ass out on the internet without her permission.

I write about Crockett all the time. He knew I was a blogger when we started dating, and I do occasionally give him a heads up when something really personal (fights or whatever) is going to show up, but in general he’s on the internet whether he likes it or not.

A few weeks ago when I wrote about how not everyone wants to sleep with everyone, I used a specific example of someone I recently met. He recognized himself and emailed me (to assure me that he in fact did not want to get into my pants, precisely as I suspected).

The theme here is this: if you know me, none of these people are in fact anonymous. While my adorable nicknames prevent someone from googling them and ending up here, they do not in fact prevent Chewbacca (who sits upstairs) from coming down here to see who my office mate is. They do not prevent the people who know Crockett from knowing the inside of his head.

Am I violating their privacy in any major way? Should I stop? If I can’t write about the people I meet, what can I write about?


2 Responses to “where I invade other people’s privacy”

  1. moth says:

    Yes, you are.

    At least a little bit. I always get “dickheaded” ( adjective recently used by my EX ) when she tweets about our interactions – online. I feel abused a bit , BUT I understand in this time and age nothing is really secret and can be hidden forever.

    I think at least a fore-warning about your online activities are needed ( when I meet new people , I usually say : I tweet a LOT and most probably would talk about you in sometime in the future , are you ok with this? ) …Yes I do this.

    Also , you should stop if you are asked… although of course you can ignore it 🙂 – Like many people that I to do.

    ( tweet more about this! )

  2. Star says:

    1. I feel like a minor celebrity when you write about me
    2. The one time it bit me in the ass, I told you to do it
    3. I think that if anyone “knows you” they should be prepared to end up here

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