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worst. hockey fan. evah.

October 27th, 2010 by biscuit

Last night, via IM.


Crockett: They lost.

me: Oh. Um… I must’ve sent that while they were in the lead, towards the end there.

Crockett: The closest they ever were to being in the lead was 3 to 5.

me: Maybe when Paul Gaustad, my hockey boyfriend, made that one goal?

Crockett: He took five shots and not a single one went in.

me: Huh.

Crockett: Yeah.


2 Responses to “worst. hockey fan. evah.”

  1. D says:

    Why is your header photo in BW with a huge scar on your cheek? Oh… your a hockey player for Halloween?

  2. biscuit says:

    No, it’s just SCARY for Halloween.

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