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Waa waa wa wa waa waaaa

February 3rd, 2011 by biscuit

The title is Charlie Brown teacher talk, could you tell?

I am not good with accents. I can do a mediocre Western Kentucky, because of the summer I waited tables there, but everything else I try ends up sounded like a mid-American girl with a twang. Irish? Mid-American girl with a twang. Russian? Mid-American girl with a twang.

I think it’s safe to say that I don’t have an ear for them.

I also have a tough time understanding them. For example, I still have no idea what happened in Snatch. (I do know Jason Stratham is purdy, and that’s really all I needed as a takeaway.)

Bad hearing? Just not very smart? Who knows – it’s just one of those Emma quirks that has never really bothered me.

Now, though – one of my professors speaks with an accent.

Actually, three of five do, to varying degrees. One is super mild and therefore I do fine, one is ok as long as I watch him while he talks, and one…

Sitting in the front row, staring at his mouth, I get about two words of every sentence.

Today, he said ‘cloud computing’ every two minutes for half an hour and it only clicked for me when he wrote it on the board.

He’s this brilliant dude and I’m getting jack-all out of this course because I have no idea what he’s talking about. Even worse, other people clearly DO understand him. I know because every so often he’ll say something and a third of the class will chuckle. Apparently he’s smart AND at least a little funny – and I’m missing it all.



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  1. D says:

    Welcome to MY world. I work with 2 Chinese, a Laotian, a Thai, 2 Spanish speakers, and three Nepalis. And the volume in the room is deafening. HUH? – BD

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