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Magic n stuff

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Why yes, I did read the Alyssa Bereznak Gawker article about her date with a geek.

Did you? If you didn’t read it when it was published, you’ve missed a little. It’s been edited a bit and there’s now an apology at the beginning. However, the point is the same. Alyssa went on a date with someone she met online and that someone turned out to be a geek.

Like, quite a geek.

Like, he has his own Magic: The Gathering Pro Player card.

Apparently he’s a world champion. There’s a whole battle. Reddit is PISSED. How dare a girl blogger on a nerdy site say she didn’t want to go out with someone who played Magic? I came away from the original article thinking that the author was overplaying her hand. She went on a date with a nice guy who had a hobby that she found… what, distasteful?¬†embarrassing? something. She tried to turn it into an online dating horror story, but she failed. Forbes called it ‘geek baiting’, and that may have been what Gawker was going for when the posted the article. Why else would a site aimed at geeks publish an article that was so openly disdainful? Even non-redditors are mad. Geek mom warns mamas not to let their babies grow up to date Alyssa.

I get why people are a little mad. She got kind of judgey.

The response she actually got, though, is absolutely insane.

Her article made her sound a little shallow and like she had nothing better to talk about.

It made Jon (the geek in question) sound like someone who likes games and, more interestingly, is super plus good at them.

She didn’t actually accuse him of anything he wasn’t proud of.

What the hell is everyone so pissed about?

P.S. If she was going to take issue with something about their date, how about the fact that he took her to a one man show based on the life of Jeffry Dahmer? Did he even ask first? What if she’s sensitive to cannibalism, dude?

I’m sure you can already see where this is going

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Yesterday Crockett and I were sitting at the table and I got an email regarding the Canyonlands Half Marathon. I mentioned it to him.

Crockett: Are you going to do it?
Me: Nah. It’s a lottery to get in. There’s one in the fall though that you can just register for. (I turned the computer to show him.) It’s actually the weekend of my fall break. Wanna go to Moab in October?
Crockett: The weekend of October 16th? We don’t have anything else going on?
Me: Not that I can think of…
Crockett: Are you sure?
I pull up my calendar and show it to him.
Me: Nope, nothing planned. You want to go?
Crockett: stares.
Me: still not getting it.

It went on like this for longer than I’d like to admit. Eventually? He reminded me that the day of the race is also HIS BIRTHDAY.


you used to be cool

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Do you remember when Post Secret was cool?

I used to like it. I have memories of a time when I would remember to check it every Sunday morning, looking forward to the secrets. I bought the book for a friend of mine when he started a new job. I never considered sending in a secret, but when I used to do my sunday best posts (what happened to those, anyone know?) I would frequently use a card from PS.

Now, when I do remember to check, I mostly feel like smacking someone.

I can only think of two reasons that my love for the site might have changed.

Possible reason 1: I am now a terrible person who doesn’t care about the pain (or joy) of others.

Possible reason 2: There are only so many secrets. Frank, the Post Secret collector/editor fellow, must have literally seen every variation on the same six themes.

  • Love.
    Variation 1: I love someone SO MUCH.
    Variation: I/my love cheated. I feel guilty/angry/exhilarated.
    Variation 3: I never told someone I was in love with him or her and now he or she is married/dead.
  • Depression.
    Variation 1: I am depressed and don’t know what to do and might kill myself. (I hate these most of all. It’s SO FREAKING SAD and there’s NOTHING I CAN DO TO HELP. Also, do all suicidal people write to PS eventually? There are a lot of these.)
    Variation 2: I was depressed and am all better now. (Awesome, but sort of a smack in the face to variation 1, no?)
  • Happiness.
    Variation 1: I am so happy.
    Variation 2: I used to be happy, and then I got depressed or the person I loved left or died or cheated.
  • Sex.
    1: I like it.
    2: I don’t like it and don’t understand people who do like it.
    3: I totally COULD like it except my partner(s) suck(s).
    4: I do it in some fascinating way I simply must share with Frank. (I think most of these are fabrications.)
    5: I do something that everyone else does too but I am unaware of that and simply must share my completely vanilla sex with Frank.
  • Religion.
    1: God is awesome.
    2: God used to be awesome but now isn’t, which is/isn’t my fault.


I guess I’m just bored. I am interested in the stories of people I don’t know. (Witness all the blogs in my RSS feed.) Postcards are so small, though, and there’s so little room for explanation, that I think it’s hard not to be cliche.

Hm. I’m adding a third choice to the list of possible reasons why I now sort of loathe the site.

1) I’m a horrible person. 2) Secrets are, by the very nature of humanity, repetitive. 3) Frank loves a cliche.

Maybe I should write him a postcard about my dilemma.


Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Yesterday was a long, long day, but not a terrible one. I had classes and meetings and then more classes and then more meetings and then a departmental orientation, followed by a pizza party.

I attended everything but the pizza party. When the pizza boxes opened and the other students descended on them with such rapidity that I’m pretty sure several of them accidentally ate parts of the cardboard boxes, I snuck out the back.

Yesterday, while sitting in my first class, I tweeted

@dollemma Guys, I found all the girls at my school! Turns out they were hiding in statistics courses.

My first class had 13 people in it, and 9 of them were women.

More than a few of them were women who had worked for awhile and then come back to school.

It’s basically like someone custom designed some friends for me and then shoved us all into a room together. “Here. You’re all 28 (cough*giveortake*cough) and you all like math and you are all going to be sitting here, three times a week, learning the same things. You’re welcome.”

Some of them already knew each other, and one was acting as social director for those who didn’t…

and I totally ignored them.

I was trying to explain why to Crockett, but I really have nothing. It may have been shyness, honestly, or it may just have been that I had other stuff to worry about on that first day of school.

Or, it may have been that I’m damn stingy with my time and have enough friends already, thankyouverymuch.

I could have had pizza with them. But I came home and had pizza with Crockett and my girls instead.

Antisocial for the win.


Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Scene – last night, chatting idly about what we learned over the course of the day.

Me: Oh, did you hear that men who say they’re bisexual have not, in fact, been lying all this time?
Crockett: Did someone think they were?
Me: Apparently the scientists at Northwestern University were unsure.
Crockett: After they finished that study, did they turn their research towards bears and their woodland defecation?


I love having a smart man.