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dieting while feminist

September 19th, 2011 by biscuit

I’m giving up sugar for a week. (It’s being documented on Mangled Baby Duck (by me) if you’re interested.)

The primary reason I’m giving up sugar is because all I’ve developed some crappy eating habits over the summer. Everything was vacation, so why pay attention to how many chips I was putting down?

Also, though?

I’m hoping to lose a couple of pounds.

Body acceptance (healthy at every size ftw) is sort hard to consolidate with dieting. Am I not applying the same acceptance to myself as I do to others, etc?

Here’s the thing, though.

My Joe’s Jeans don’t fit.

People, I have ONE PAIR of really nice jeans. Every other pair I own came from Gap, on sale. (That’s not to say that Gap jeans aren’t nice – they are. They’re just not nice nice.) My Joe’s Jeans make me look and feel awesome. And they don’t stretch. And since this summer, my waist and the jeans haven’t been as friendly as they once were. The jeans still button, but I can only wear them while standing up.

So – I’m trying to be healthier, yes. Tortilla chips and beer are really only probably part of a well balanced diet, and it’s good for me to make an effort to move away from mass consumption of those items. Also, though? I’m trying to get my damn jeans to fit.

Is it not feminist to care about my expensive clothes? I actually don’t know. I know that I feel sort of bad, but that it is important to me. I like having nice (and stylish) things, and I can’t afford to get a new pair right now. (There are probably other things in my closet that will benefit from a slight pound reduction too).

I feel … inconsistent.

Perhaps it’s because I haven’t had any sugar in two days and my capacity for intellectual thought seems to be directly linked to my carbohydrate intake.

Or perhaps it’s because I’m not practicing what I preach.

I genuinely don’t know.

4 Responses to “dieting while feminist”

  1. Tough59er says:

    Thinking drains the brain of glucose. You have science behind you!

  2. Awlbiste says:

    I think if you’ve made a conscious decision to do what YOU want and what makes YOU feel better for whatever reasons YOU have decided? You can totally reconcile it with HAES and feminism.

    I recently cut out caffeine (and by extension soda, though I will have a caffeine-free soda at a sit down restaurant as a treat) and alcohol. I will probably lose some weight because of this (or maybe not!) but mostly I FEEL a lot better.

    Also, a whole new wardrobe is damn expensive. I had to buy all new pants when I went down two sizes a few years ago. The weight loss was not intentional, I just got out of a really bad situation and suddenly wasn’t stressed out all.the.damn.time.

    Says the fat lady to the skinny lady, s’all good man.

  3. biscuit says:

    I love you guys.

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