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October 26th, 2011 by biscuit

When things are going badly for me (as they are right now in school), I have dreams about going to Europe.

Not daydreams of walking through Parisian streets – actual dreams in which I’m part of some group that has a trip planned.

In these dreams, I never even make it on the plane, much less all the way to Europe.

In last night’s version, I packed a bag but forgot pants, and then followed a GPS thing to the airport and ended up in Colorado Springs – more than 100 miles from DIA.

Sometimes I arrive at the airport and can’t find a place to park. Sometimes the airport is a maze.

Sometimes, I have an out of body experience where I watch everyone else milling around the gate, getting on the plane (which is always luxurious), and generally not caring where I am.

I can’t imagine what these dreams might mean.

Maybe I should just go to Paris.


3 Responses to “paris”

  1. D says:

    And take Crockett….. just to make sure you don’t wind up in Paris, Texas!

  2. Tough59er says:

    Ok, I’ll bite on what D says — why would taking Crockett assure her that she wouldn’t wind up in Paris, Texas?

  3. Raizn says:

    I hope that things at school improved. Escaping to Paris sounds good–with clothes and in person rather than dreams. Hang in there, Emma.

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