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Oh oh, I really wanted that thing

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Saturday, August 4, 2008

The ‘I’m a PC commercials’ give me goosebumps. The mac commercials were starting to strike me as so.. smug, kinda. You know? The PC has progressed from this sorta goofy guy you could laugh at and relate to to this ridiculous, trick playing, fake crown wearing, pizza box hiding…. I could go on but the point is they’ve crossed the line. I no longer support the commercials.
And in as much as I love my iPhone (her name is Baby), I’m a little bummed at Apple.  Therefore, the PC commercials make me smile awfully big. Cause, you know, I’m a PC.

Oh goody… ice cream

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Americans eat, on average, 24 quarts of ice cream a year.

Pause for thought. Not pints – we’re not talking the Ben & Jerry’s sized ice cream.  Quarts.  That would be 96 CUPS a year.  Cups of ice cream.  That’s almost two a week.

Who is eating all that ice cream? Two cups a week? We’re a nation on a diet! We don’t like sugar or fat or carbs… and yet somehow everyone you know is secretly eating two cups (4 servings) of ice cream a week.  And I don’t eat ice cream (as a general rule, I prefer my dessert to be flour and butter based), so someone is eating mine.  And I have two friends who are lactose intolerant, and my brother is a vegan.. you see where I’m going with this. Who, seriously, is eating all that ice cream?

Anyway, it turns out that Haagen-Daz and Ben & Jerry’s are the two most successful premium ice cream companies in the US. They’ve basically built their brands around appealing to two entirely different market segments. Haagan-Daz is for yuppies and Ben & Jerry’s is for hippies. I want to be a Ben & Jerry’s girl, I do, and when do I buy ice cream I never even CONSIDER Haagen-Daz. Does that somehow mean that I have escaped yuppiedom, despite my fairly convincing exterior portrayal? Is my Nederland background enough to ground me in the world of those grassroots ice cream makers?

Also, does the fact that Haagen-Daz is now Nestle and Ben & Jerry’s is Unilever (yes, who makes Dove and Axe and Bertolli and Wishbone and Slim-Fast… hmm that’s kinda funny) change anything?  Ice cream philosophy.  Beats the hell outta that whole actual philosophy thing.

Didn't jump! Took a tiny step, and there conclusions were

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Things that would suck:
♠Being an aspiring actress and getting a lead role in a movie, only to discover after the movie is released that it inadvertantly offends a major religion that you personally have no problem with.
♣Sending a mass email to friends and family telling them about some interesting development in your life, but accidentally mistyping one address and it going to a local DJ, who proceeds to read your email on the radio and mock you.
♥Becoming a werewolf.
♦Falling in love with someone rich and getting married and purchasing a nice big house and a new car then discovering he’s actually a polygamist, then getting sued by his other wives for your house and car.
♠Confronting a friend of yours who you think is a compulsive gambler, telling her you know what she’s going through because you were there too, and then finding out that she’s actually a necrophiliac and thinks thats what you were talking about.
♣Accidentally kicking your phone while in the throes of passion and speed dialing your parents.This, in case anyone is wondering, is the only one that has happened to me and it was his parents, not mine. You know, his mom never warmed up to me….

Things that would be awesome:
♥Going on a diet and finding out that when your friends said you had a pretty face they weren’t lying, and becoming a famous model because of your gorgeous bone structure.
♦Going to the Humane Society and adopting an adorable puppy, then getting in the car with her and having her say ‘hi! thank you so much for taking me outta there, we’re going to have so much to talk about! but now, I have to pee’.
♠Getting arrested and tried for something you had nothing to do with, then being found innocent and getting two hundred thousand dollars for your pain and suffering and having lots of hilarious jail stories to tell for the rest of your life.
♣Being George Clooney’s bartender.
♥Being a werewolf and coming to terms with it, then falling in love and finding out your new boyfriend is also a werewolf and is completely up for some crazy werewolf lovemaking.
♦Struggling with your hypochondria and taking one last visit to your doc before going cold turkey, then finding out that you have a mysterious illness that is totally curable and will now be named after you, then being invited on many many talk shows to discuss the aforementioned illness.

Normal things that make me happy:
Strawberries and foxes.
White paint.
Robert B. Parker.
Monkey slippers.

Birthday love

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

fall-08-013Friday, April 4, 2008

What is it about birthdays? I know people who don’t even want to acknowledge them, people like me who spend a month plus milking them, and everyone in between.

And then there’s my dog.  She has no idea there is something special about today. As far as she’s concerned, she got to come to my office – hey that’s cool, she gets to go to the mountains tonight – hey that’s cool, she’ll prolly get some extra cookies – hey thats WAY cool…. but she has no idea why.

I’m sure there’s a deeper message in there somewhere, but I don’t know what it is. I do know that it makes me happy to make her happy.

Also sunshine and driving around during the day and being together – that makes both of us happy.  In general this is a very good day.

The darker the chocolate, the richer the taste

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hairspray was orginally made in 1988.  About 1962. And it was remade in 2007. So social commentary has been a little … distorted.  But still, man, I’m mid-Corny’s dance off and I have to say, I love it.  I’m actually getting a little teary. Of course, I cried during Run Fatboy Run (two Emma thumbs up) this afternoon, so my emotional threshold isn’t necessarily the gold standard.

1) What I remember from my first time, watching the original: the ditzy white best friend making out pretty aggressively with her new african american boyfriend. In an alley. And possibly someone making out with Corny Collins (unless that was Grease?). This has all been removed from the new version.  While I understand the need for a PG-13 rating, I have to say that social change should come with passion, no?

2) Cross dressing? Divine, the famous cross dresser who played the original Mrs. Turnblad, was.. campy. She was fabulous in the way that the women I saw at BJ’s Carosel were fabulous – intentionally feminine but.. majestic. Bigger and bolder and just MORE than a born woman would ever be. John Travolta played Mrs. Turnblad in the new version and swear to god, he looked like a woman.  An enormous woman. A statuesque woman with a suspiciously deep voice, but there was nothing that said drag queen. Why hire a man if a woman is what you want? Really? Plus, I know there are rumors about him being gay, and I can’t say that this was the best way to dispell them.

3) Segregation is bad. Smart people know that. Smart brave people say ’hey lets stop this’. Only stupid people actually fool around with those of the opposite race.  Wait, is that the message they meant to send? Really?

4) You’re more likely to be overweight if you’re brunette. Really, that’s what I learned. Blond girls are more likely to be skinny manipulative bitches who have the cute guys for the first half of the movie/life, and brunettes can get fat and will be loved anyway. As the possibly worst person EVER, I found myself chanting the ’fatty fatty two by four’ poem at work the other day.  In my defense, I was talking to my friend about our recent failure to go to the gym, which we do together.  AND she’s the thinnest person I know. Invisible when standing sideways. But still. I’m evil.

5) Dancing used to be cool. There were dances everyone knew and they involved nifty hand movements and poofy skirts. Dances were danced on TV. I love poofy skirts. I love nifty hand movements. I love TV. I should’a been born in .. 1947.

And… I think that’s all it taught me. But I’m considering purchasing it because I feel there is so much more to learn.So much more.

Also, sweet thing bakeshop deposited its first checks today. Admittedly some have been sitting in my wallet for weeks, but still. First deposit. YAY me.