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Sunday, November 20th, 2016

We’re going to New York to have Thanksgiving on the actual day with Crockett’s fam, so we had Thanksgiving with my parents in Colorado today.

They left a little while ago, I’ve changed into a gigantic flannel shirt, and we’re watching the David Blaine thing that’s new on Netflix. Basically, it’s super bedtime, although it’s actually 5:56. Are we doing this wrong? This is how my Thanksgiving ends every year – with me so full I can feel the volume of food in my rib cage, not just my stomach area. Is that how it’s supposed to go?

On a related note, are two Thanksgiving dinners going to make it so I am no longer satisfied with a normal volume of food? I’ll be like a snake! (Or my old roommate!) One big, delicious meal every 24 hours (and a bottle of liquor if you’re the roommate) and done?

I need a nap. A ten hour one, probably. If you love yourself and sour things, make this pie.


nobody puts yeah

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

Jennifer Grey, babe.


We’re watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, cause I let Crockett pick the movie and he’s done really well lately at committing to one movie quick and making it a good choice. Not, like, a totally outside the box choice – more something if you were flipping through channels and realized it was just starting, you’d stick with that channel for at least one ore two commercial breaks. (When do we as a culture really need to start explaining those references? People like Buzzfeed already are, but the concept of channels still 100% exists. And commercials. I guess anyone who uses DVR instead of the Netflix/Hulu/CW/HBO bastard conglomerate we’ve assembled still totally knows.)

I don’t care what Jennifer Grey did to her nose. It was bigger and now it’s not? I heard that it may have affected her career, but suspect that may just be how much ‘we’ hate it when women make choices about their physicality that ‘we’ don’t agree with (wherein said we is a bunch of men usually who probably think they were special for seeing her cuteness when her nose was a little larger than average and are irritated that she changed so that everyone else (who already thought she was cute) also thinks she’s cute, right?)

I do really love her hair. It must be naturally curly, but she makes it look like it’s not crunchy. I think that’s a hard hard thing when you have curly hair, and she’s been nailing it since 1986.

Jennifer Grey = babe.


is what brings us together

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

So me and Crockett got married, didja know? It’s been three weeks and two days, we haven’t sent in our marriage license yet, and Crockett left his ring at home on Halloween accidentally so it looked like ‘Duff Man was single oh yeah!’ but we ARE married and it’s super!

I mean, basically it’s the same, but it feels cozy and I really like it. “Have you met my husband?” is a thing I could say if we ever went anywhere we don’t already know everyone, for example. Cozy.

The day just flies by, best day of our lives, take some time for each other – these are all things people say about their wedding day and they’re not wrong. We greeted our friends, got married, ate, listened to toasts, danced, took pictures … I remember all of it, but not as clearly as I might like. I’m hoping that when our professional pictures come through, it’ll jog our memories? I wore three different dresses and had ridiculous boho hair (that I loved, ridiculous in a good way, guys), Crockett had a blue suit and a yellow pocket square …

Anyway. Married!

OH, I forgot the most important part: no one, at least in my hearing, quoted The Princess Bride. Because we’re better than that, people.

bust it out

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

I had food poisoning once before. It was three days after Crockett and I met, and on my 28th birthday.

And then I had it again, this Saturday.

And Sunday.

And Monday.

Food poisoning is SUPER and not at all repetitive and boring and terrible, don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.

I have recently become closer with a chick at work, and when I showed up this morning she asked me if I needed a cork for my ass. How do you go from knowing someone for two years and doing nothing but complimenting their shoes, to talking about your potential need for preventing butt leakage while at work in the span of a few weeks? I’m genuinely asking, because it’s such a weird phenomenon, right?

Maybe we weren’t ready before. Stars not in alignment, ducks not in a row, etc. Maybe I wasn’t in the place for new friends since I was still in friendmourning for my friends from my last company. Maybe her shoes weren’t quite cool enough yet. Maybe all a good potential friendship really needs to push it over the line is the opportunity for commentary on bodily functions. Like, if she’d asked me for a tampon a year ago maybe she’d be my (nonexistent because we’re not doing bridal parties) maid of honor right now.

Or maybe she’s just always ready to talk about corks in asses. I don’t know her life. Yet. Bet I will though.

scritchy scratchy

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Maida is really feeling her oats lately. Possibly because I switched the dogs to raw and freeze dried food? (PSA: it’s literally no more expensive than the good kibble I was feeding them before. I don’t really know how that’s possible but I’ve run the numbers twice and am a month into it and it all checks out so …. you know, if you have dogs, maybe look into it if you’re curious. You just have to remember to take the raw stuff out of the freezer and mix the freeze dried stuff up with water and stick it in the fridge every couple of days, easy peasy, and it feels like taking good care of them.)

Anyway, she’s been a goddamn nutball, and she’s so out of practice that she’s doing very ungainly things like falling off curbs and sticking her tongue up my nose when she tries to lick it.

‘Feeling your oats’ is kind of gross, right? The phrase? I’ll look it up in a second, but it, like, super feels like it’s about balls, right? Either that or rubbing your stomach so hard you can literally feel your breakfast?

Ok looking it up brb.

I was actually pretty sure, by the way, that I was going to google the phrase only to discover that it was something my mom invented, but nope, it’s a thing. It’s actually literally a thing that refers to how horses act after they get oats, so Maida feeling her oats after she eats her new food is very apt. Nailed it, self five.

(Wasn’t this fascinating? Other than looking at places to get married and wedding dresses (looking at EVERY wedding dress, starting to think separates, cause I’m a kicky gal) Maida being all goofy is literally the most noteworthy thing happening here. We are a simple folk.)