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c’mon, son

Monday, June 30th, 2014

I wish I understood more about law. Without having to do any actual work.

I wish the second part because I’m lazy, but the first part because from where I sit, SCOTUS just said that birth control isn’t real medicine despite it existing to control an actual specific medical condition that can affect a significant portion of the population. Either that, or people are allowed to deny other people real medicine based solely on religious belief. It’s surely a coincidence that that condition affects women/those denied people are women. It’s not like the government and religious bodies have a history of oppressing women.


Yeah, whatever, nobody HAS to work at Hobby Lobby. Except probably some people do. So.

C’mon, SCOTUS. (Or me, if there’s something here that I don’t understand.)

schools of… school thought

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

My mom always used to say ‘if you want something to get done, give it to a busy person’. I always used to want to smack her when she did that. Not because it’s not true, or even because it’s a particularly irritating thing to say, but because sometimes when you’re a teenage girl everything that comes out of your mom’s mouth seems designed to drive you insane.

Sorry about that, mom.

I know you (probably) weren’t calling me lazy.

So yeah! She was totally right!

Like, how, when I was in school, I totally wrote a mystery novel, and now that I have my evenings and weekends free (and, lets face it, some of my daytimes too because data analysis involves a lot of writing queries and then waaaaiiiiiting) I’m writing nothing. At all.

My mom is a smart lady.

Also, how much do I hate Mitt Romney? LIKE SO MUCH.

(That last part was totally unrelated but, you know, sometimes I say stuff about politics and it’s probably pretty clear where my allegiance lies, but I just wanted to get it out there into the world forever and ever amen that I hate the man.)

world news

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Something big happened yesterday. Or the day before.

You might’ve heard.

Bin Laden was apparently killed.

Two things:

1) What does it say about me that I feel that it’s necessary to insert ‘apparently’ into the former statement? Does it say that perhaps I read too many political thrillers? Why yes, I think it does. Quite literally, the first thing I thought when I realized the headlines weren’t jokes (why I thought they might be jokes is an entirely different and perhaps more sinister question) is ‘yeah yeah, show us the body and maybe we’ll believe you’. I mean, if true, this is a massive win for Obama. Remember when what’s his face, though… um, Hussein? Saddam Hussein was captured the year before Bush was up for reelection, and everyone suspected that we knew where he was and Bush just postponed it until it would do him good politically?

All I’m saying is we’ve apparently already dumped Osama’s body at sea.

And 2012 is an election year.

And also I really have been reading too much David Baldacci.

2) If it weren’t for news organizations buying advertising on food and humor websites, I would never know any major news.


ok, WHAT?

Friday, February 4th, 2011

I just spent several minutes on the Department of Homeland Security website, looking for their statement of purpose. I can’t find a freaking thing, which is making me even crankier than I was before I started looking.

I appreciate that there are risks and threats that exist now that didn’t in the age of horse drawn carriages and what have you. I do definitely have some ideals that I am aware clash with what our government has put in place regarding those extra threats, so I don’t expect to agree with even most of what they do.

But I ask you, y’all –

Why can my darling Crockett no longer watch hockey?

I’m talking about ATDHE, a website that streamed hockey from Buffalo (and probably some other sports and athletes from some other places – I don’t really keep up with that*). The Sabres games are only available here via Versus, and we don’t get Versus, and it’s a whole big thing. We could make it work, sure, but it’s hockey and he only wants to watch the Sabres games and COME ON. I’m not going to debate that we’re not doing something a little unethical, ok?

But a threat to Homeland Security? Us? For watching hockey? This is what you see now, when you visit the website:

What does this have to do with terrorism?

Am I being silly, or have we created a government department that can do anything that it wants to do? Again, I’m not claiming that it wasn’t ok to shut it down. It’s a bummer, but I’m in no way an expert in copyright law and I ain’t pretending to be. Apparently this whole thing has something to do with the Superbowl.

I dunno. Seems a little ridiculous to me, though.

*The Sabres played the Avs here in Denver a month ago and I really wanted to wear this hockey jersey that I have, but it’s for a team that is a totally different team than the two teams that were playing, and Crockett said that would be like holding up a sign that said ‘GO SPORTS’ and I said no, it would be like holding a sign that said ‘ATHLETE WILL YOU MARRY ME’ and now I want to make both of those signs and take them with me to a game of some kind.