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Sunday, November 1st, 2015

Three weeks ago, I made this pumpkin spice latte recipe. I made a whole can o’ pumpkin worth of mix, then put it in the fridge and heated some up with cashew milk and then added it to my coffee every damn morning.

It is fucking. Delicious.

(I used less sugar and made my own pumpkin spice mix but with like 1/3 as much cinnamon because cinnamon is the stupidest spice (with the exception of black pepper, which I like fine, except for how it’s in every recipe like salt – pepper is not like salt, people, pepper is a spice) and who am I to overwhelm my delicious lattes with the second stupidest spice. I am aware that the linked recipe includes black pepper and I basically just pretended that line was a funny inside joke between me and the author.)

Then two weeks ago I did the same thing, except that time I added some cayenne. It was brilliant. (Just a teeny pinchy pinch, guys, this is a morning drink.)

Then ONE week ago I was like whooop well time to make that fun mix I’m going to drink every day until I die and I went to my cabinet for pumpkin and there was none.

Zero pumpkin.

AND I’d just heard about the pumpkin shortage. The linked article has sound because CNN is the cinnamon of the news world, but the important line is, “That means when stores sell out, they’ll likely be out until next year’s harvest.”

Needless to say I went on a pumpkin hunt. I came back with nine 15 oz cans, two 28 oz cans, and two 15 oz boxes (thanks for being nonconformist Whole Foods!).

I have enough for lattes through my birthday, assuming I don’t get tired of them or decide to sacrifice a can or two to a dessert at some point.

The point of that story that sometimes, I think to myself … well, I if I’m in, I might as well be all in, right?

The relevance moving forward of that point is that: I’m going to try to do National Novel Writing Month and National Blog Posting Month. It will be like some terrible, look-at-a-computer-all-day and then look-at-a-computer-all-night kind of bootcamp. Right? Right.



my future’s so bright

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Thing A: When I started this new job, the one I super like, the person I replaced was a small, dark haired woman who left to go write books. Since I am a small, dark haired woman who enjoys putting pen to paper (and using douchey sounding cliches, apparently), people actually called me her name a few times when I first started.

(Ok, their confusion was likely a hair/size thing, not a writing thing, because I didn’t really talk about that. Not that I don’t want you reading this, dear coworkers! (Just kidding, I super don’t. Leave, please.))

Anyway, she’s back and I dig her and I’m wondering how much of it is just plain self absorption on my part. (I like me. I know, I’m subtle about it.) She’s a cat person, though, so obviously there are some key differences.

Thing B: I hung a vinyl bull skull decal in my loft this afternoon. I was going for super tough, but then they ruined it by including vinyl rose decals too. Like I WASN’T going to make the bull skeleton wear a rose, right? What kind of willpower do they think they’re dealing with here?

Thing C: A girlfriend of mine and I decided to go full paleo for a month, and support each other through it. She’s trying to be healthy, I’m mostly focused on going to Mexico in a month and feeling awesome in one of the seven swimsuits that I found while I was going through my drawers to try to justify buying a swimsuit for the trip. (Is there a sensible justification? Nope. SEVEN. But I might get a new one anyway.)

It’s terrible. I actually took it lightly when we made the call, because I thought I was eating pretty close to paleo already, but I have been cranky and headachey and achey and I’m sure a real joy to be around since about six hours in.

I realized I eat a lot of chocolate in the morning. And the afternoon. And after dinner, also. Plus, Grape Nuts. And french bread.

Do you think Grape Nuts spread in melted chocolate on french bread would be, like, at all good? I’m asking for a friend.

song & food

Monday, September 8th, 2014

You ever have a song that just …


(That’s OBVIOUSLY me and OBVIOUSLY a big sword, right?)

I think Crockett tried to get me to go see the National once or twice, but I could be wrong about that. A lot of bands have names like that, kind of, ya know?

Speaking of names, what the ever loving fuck is going on with the ampersands in restaurant names? Allow me to present an incomplete roundup of new or relatively new restaurants in the Denver area:

  • Stoic & Genuine
  • Work & Class
  • Salt & Grinder
  • Beast + Bottle (counting it, pronounced the same)
  • Colt & Grey
  • Williams & Graham
  • Z Cuisine & A Cote
  • Mercantile Dining & Provision
  • Guard & Grace
  • Rooster & Moon
  • Olive & Finch

NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THOSE IS MADE UP. I left off some older ones like Eat + Drink and Hops & Pie, because I think they were pre-bandwagon, but fuck it, let’s count them too.

(Should I have warned of a curse heavy post?)

That’s a baker’s dozen with a mere 5 minutes of research. Is this happening in other cities? Is this a sign of something? Are aliens that are shaped like ampersands trying to acclimate us, perhaps?

If this name generator didn’t already exist, I would have wished that it did.


chuck is a spy!!!

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Sorry if that was a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t watched the third season of a five season show that ended two years ago. You maybe should have considered watching it by now? Just throwing that out there.

So, cheese, amirite??

Seriously. Probably close to a month ago I was shopping and my store had this cheese called La Tur on sale. I looked at it and was like yes that looks creamy and fatty and really what more can someone want from a cheese?

This is what Murray’s, a cheese shop I assume I would love if I ever went there, has to say about it:

From the great wine region of Piemonte comes La Tur: a dense, creamy blend of pasteurized cow, goat and sheep milk. Runny and oozing around the perimeter with a moist, cakey, palette-coating paste, its flavor is earthy and full, with a lingering lactic tang. The effect is like ice cream served from a warm scoop: decadent and melting from the outside in.


So, I bought it weeks ago and then I put it in the drawer of my new refrigerator that I designated the cheese drawer. It comes in a cute round little plastic container, and I think it rolled? Anyway it ended up at the back and I kept reaching for other cheese instead and boom, it’s a month later and my La Tur is untouched. Until now.

Because I ate half of it directly from a knife.

I don’t think it’s silly when people say that wine is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Ok, I mean, it’s sort of silly, but it’s meant to be silly. But when you (ok, I) think about it, you (I) have to respect the science-by-experimentation that led to cheese and wine and beer. Yes, penicillin is badass. (I’m not sure I’ve ever had penicillin. As an adult I’ve only ever been prescribed ciprofloxacin and amoxicillin. Does that make it clear that I’ve been prescribed antibiotics for UTIs? I have. The urinary tract is too close to the vagina, guys. If God really wanted us to be happy maybe those two things should have been spread out a little bit.) But penicillin is for life. Wine and cheese and beer are for fun!

I think this might be obvious week here on the blog. It’s ok. Mercury is in retrograde and according to an internet hole I went down today that means communication is going to be rough until the end of the month. It’s best to stick to things people already know and agree with during this time (again, according to the scary internet hole of astrology).

So in summary. Mercury moving backwards, bad. Wine and cheese and beer, good. Antibiotics, unnecessary in some cases if we’d just been designed a little better.

habits vs. addiction

Monday, October 1st, 2012

I had this post planned about a New York Times article called Can Food Be Addictive, but I scrapped it because it was stupid.

You’re welcome.

The article is also kind of stupid, but you’re welcome to go read it for yourself and find out. Maybe you’ll like it! I don’t know you!

Anyway, instead, I thought I’d make a list of habits that I have and see if any of them could be considered addictions. I do eat every day, after all, and I had no idea that was considered a dependence (aside from the duh it’s a dependence thing), so what else am I missing?

  • Drinking a glass of wine while I cook dinner. Addiction? AA says no! (Thank goodness.)
  • Checking my Google reader while I walk, pee, eat, and breathe. Addiction? Squidoo says no!  (I’m interpreting it that way because it doesn’t stop me from doing things, it accompanies me while I do them.)
  • Watching television. Like, all the time. Seriously, ask Crockett. Addiction? I have no idea, because the only reputable source I can find is Scientific American and they won’t let me read this article without being a subscriber. Way to care about my possible life threatening (ok not really) addition, SA, thanks.
  • Working. What? How is this dumber than the idea that I might be addicted to food? Addiction? says ‘ahahahahaahah, no’.
So, no addictions for me.
Oh! One more thing. I’ve been watching the last season of Supernatural in preparation for the new one (premiering Wednesday!!!!), and I had forgotten how funny the whole corn syrup plot line is. What, you’re not addicted to the continuing adventures of Sam and Dean? Well, last season there were these monsters called Leviathans, and they ate people, and in order to make the people extra fat and lethargic they bought the world’s biggest corn syrup manufacturer and started to drug the syrup. It could have come across as heavy handed – ‘the evvvvvils of corn syrup’ – but it didn’t. It was awesome.  Even if I am addicted to corn syrup.