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A day in the life of my boyfriend

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

You know how on Monday I posted, all whiny like, about how I’m sad that Crockett is in the Bahamas without me even though I was totally invited, and then I said his airplane ticket buying habits would give me an aneurysm if we shared a bank account?

He called me that night, from the Bahamas – to tell me that my shoe budget probably matches his travel budget and that that would give him an aneurysm.

I had no comeback. Cause it’s true.

Then I got to thinking, it must be hard to be my boyfriend. I mean, super super rewarding, cause I’m all adorable and stuff, but hard for two reasons.

1) I have a blog and he doesn’t. When he has a really good point like the one about my shoe budget, he makes it to me. When I have a really good point like the one about his travel budget, I make it to all of you. To get to you, his point has to go through me, and you know I’m going to change it up a little, right? For example, he actually called me on Monday because he’s a sweetie and knew that I would be missing him, and he threw that budget thing in there as an afterthought. A snarky afterthought.

2) He made the mistake of giving me his IM address waaaaay back when we started dating. Now, when he walks away from his computer, this is what he comes back to.

can you have fewer friends?
it’s really hard for me to keep them all straight
or could they possibly have weirder hair?
that would help me remember

wanna go fourwheeling at lunch?

I just printed out a presentation where instead of Product I’d written Broduct
sounds like Barney Simpson

I luv puppies

can you please give me an example of something that you have understood that i haven’t?
something intellectual?
one of those quark things maybe?
come on
haven’t there been times in your kitchen
where you’re trying to explain physics to me
and i’m looking at you like you’re speaking dingbats?

I just realized I’m O+
because O- is the universal donor
and I’m pretty sure somebody would have told me if I was a universal donor

hey, we’re having Stars party at your house

This is good stuff, right? But this is truly the kind of thing that happens EVERY TIME he walks away from his computer. And then, when he starts asking for details about the party, I say “dude, don’t you even care that I’m a universal recipient? Think about how much safer that makes me!”. Then, when he says “yes, Em, that’s gre…” I interrupt him to say “don’t you love puppies too?” and so on and so forth.

There you go. That’s what it’s like dating me – you spend your life bombarded by mostly nonsensical IMs and you are always wrong because the internet is on my side.

I wish he was here so I could give him a big old hug.

so it needs some work…

Friday, January 29th, 2010

But I have my VERY. OWN. WEBSITE.

I feel like a real life blogger.

This is so exciting.

you guys know how to pole vault?

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

It’s Christmas.  I am not in Portland as planned, due to the 100 year storm they’re currently experiencing. Instead, I’m at home.  Fortunately, my brother  and I are bonding via telephone and the Tremors drinking game.  So far, the rules are:

Drink every time they say ‘plan’.

Drink the first time Reba McEntire shows up.

Drink  every time we notice phrasing is different from the recorded TBS version we grew up on.

That’s it so far. If you’ve seen Tremors, you know that even though we’re 14 minutes in we’ve had four drinks.  Sam is drinking beer (he’ll tell you more) and I’m drinking hot chocolate with Cointreau.  Don’t judge, he’s in Oregon and I’m in CO – the liquor stores are closed here and they don’t sell beer in the grocery stores.  My alcohol stores consist of those liqueurs required to bake, so it was HC with Cointreau or cream soda with Kahlua. Ew. 

At this moment we’re disussing whether or not we’d react like the highway workers. In Tremors, Earl and Val find a head of a friend of thiers in a hole in the ground.  Driving back towards town to warn everyone, they pass some highway workers and pause long enough to holler ‘there’s a serial killer running around cutting people’s heads off!’ 

*we just discovered we were the frightened of the same thing in our house growing up and now we’re both scared. We’re awesome.

So back to the highway workers – if someone you didn’t know drove by and told you that in desert, what would you do? In the desert, you can see people coming. I would probably do what they did. I would not believe him, cause a) I could see someone coming and b) it’s more likely that the guy in the truck is crazy than that there’s a serial killer cutting people’s heads off.  Sam said he’d go with it, because he’d rather live and feel stupid than die and be right. He wins this one.

Walter just bought the head/tongue of the first tremor and is charging people $20 to take a picture with it. That’s capitalism right there.

Is there anything creepier than the fence posts popping down one by one? You know something is chasing you UNDER THE GODDAMN ground and you can see how close it’s getting.  Unseen but perceivable danger, man.  Scary shit.

Plan! Oh, twice. Wait, three times. Huh, maybe I should have put less Cointreau in here. And Sam should be drinking less beer, we’re getting very philosphical.  We’re discussing whether or not we’d die to save 100 people that we never met in another country.  This is intense.  Back to Tremors.

Awww Rhonda and Val just woke up on a rock with thier heads on each others shoulders.  She’s like 5’3″/115 – she would NEVER be in a movie now.  I love Rhonda. Wait, can two people have thier heads on each others shoulders simulataneously? Is that even possible? I’m kinda thinking not but that’s the way I remember it so I’m going with it. 

What kind of stupid dummy not-smart unintelligent…  I can’t think of any more ways to say that but you get the point… climbs into a TIRE to escape from an underground monster? When sitting in a tire, how far is your ass off the ground, about six inches? Does it seem like an underground monster with multiple tongues that have already grabbed a car axle cannot reach up that far?

We just realized that the fashion in this movie is perfect.  Since it’s set in a desert town with people who are already ‘off the grid’, the fashion is believable to this day – we’re talking jeans and button up shirts.

Why was Walters nose already bleeding, huh? He got bit on the lower legs and somehow his nose immediately started to bleed. Low blood pressure… would that do it? High blood pressure? Was Walter a hemophiliac? 

Annnnddddd my DVD player just crapped out. I need a new one, I’ve asked for one for my birthday, but at the moment my old lame one is ruining my Christmas drinking game with my brother. Lame. Earl and Val are now permanently stuck on the roof with Rhonda on the water tower.  

I’m going to let Sam quote the remainder of the movie for me, but I think this post is effectively over. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

playing catch up

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Though it may come as a surprise, this is not in fact my first blog.  However, my old blog has been shut down (cause hi myspace is SO over, in case you didn’t get the world wide memo).

The following posts are bringing emmanation up to emmaspeed.

emmanation is born

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

So it’s the middle of a work day, and my little brother pops up on gchat with these words:

2:05 PM Sam: i need to start a blog, i think
what do you think?
i can talk about campy, and popping zits, and there being no god, and the dirty underground of engineering…
2:09 PM maybe not a good idea?
2:13 PM maybe an excellent idea?
i leave it to you to tell me

Clearly, not only did I think it was a good idea… I stole it for myself.
Sam’s new blog can be found at:
What will I write about, you ask? Left things, right things, upside down things, things that make you tingly all over.
Stand back wordpress, here I come.