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to her cheshire smile I'll stand on file

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Tomorrow I leave for Portland to visit the tiniest sprinter. I am VERY excited but also nervous, which will bring me in a round about way to the topic of this post.

First, why am I nervous? Well, let’s just say I do not fly particularly well. I don’t scream or faint or require Valium, at least not to date, but I’m one of the white knuckle deep breath folks. The most pleasant flights that I’ve had have been those where I’m accompanied by a friend, particularly a friend of the hand-holding and hair-stroking (see: male) variety.

So today, instead of writing about the reasons I’m not happy when miles above the ground in a big metal tube…. I’m going to list things that are better when you have someone to hold your hand.

1. Anything involving doctors, hospitals, or needles. 

2. Waiting for news of a life changing event.

3. Walking to get breakfast on a Sunday morning.

4. Fighting through a crowd at a baseball game.

5. Driving somewhere far away.

6. Sleeping.  If you’re not a sleeping hand-holder you probably aren’t on board with this, but in my opinion it’s the perfect amount of unintrusive contact.

7. Sitting on a park bench in the sunshine.

8. Watching a romantic movie in the movie theater.

9. Riding a Ferris Wheel at night.

10. And of course, waiting to get on a flight, sitting on a plane waiting to take off, taking off, flying, waiting to land, and landing.

Sunday Best

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

    Merry Christmas to me!

Merry Christmas to me!

There is absolutely no way this is a real sign. Unless I am just physically incapable of seeing past the dirtiness – but WHAT could this represent?



This is NOT a good idea. This person is either the worlds biggest optimist or an idiot. Or a hermit, I suppose...
This is NOT a good idea. This person is either the worlds biggest optimist or an idiot. Or a hermit, I suppose…
Im buying one for everyone and two for me!
I’m buying one for everyone and two for me!
Im a level 5 vegan - I dont eat anything that casts a shadow.

I'm a level 5 vegan - I don't eat anything that casts a shadow.

Cheap. Ass. Motherfucker. Just say no, sweetie.

Cheap. Ass. Motherfucker. Just say no, sweetie.

The darker the chocolate, the richer the taste

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hairspray was orginally made in 1988.  About 1962. And it was remade in 2007. So social commentary has been a little … distorted.  But still, man, I’m mid-Corny’s dance off and I have to say, I love it.  I’m actually getting a little teary. Of course, I cried during Run Fatboy Run (two Emma thumbs up) this afternoon, so my emotional threshold isn’t necessarily the gold standard.

1) What I remember from my first time, watching the original: the ditzy white best friend making out pretty aggressively with her new african american boyfriend. In an alley. And possibly someone making out with Corny Collins (unless that was Grease?). This has all been removed from the new version.  While I understand the need for a PG-13 rating, I have to say that social change should come with passion, no?

2) Cross dressing? Divine, the famous cross dresser who played the original Mrs. Turnblad, was.. campy. She was fabulous in the way that the women I saw at BJ’s Carosel were fabulous – intentionally feminine but.. majestic. Bigger and bolder and just MORE than a born woman would ever be. John Travolta played Mrs. Turnblad in the new version and swear to god, he looked like a woman.  An enormous woman. A statuesque woman with a suspiciously deep voice, but there was nothing that said drag queen. Why hire a man if a woman is what you want? Really? Plus, I know there are rumors about him being gay, and I can’t say that this was the best way to dispell them.

3) Segregation is bad. Smart people know that. Smart brave people say ’hey lets stop this’. Only stupid people actually fool around with those of the opposite race.  Wait, is that the message they meant to send? Really?

4) You’re more likely to be overweight if you’re brunette. Really, that’s what I learned. Blond girls are more likely to be skinny manipulative bitches who have the cute guys for the first half of the movie/life, and brunettes can get fat and will be loved anyway. As the possibly worst person EVER, I found myself chanting the ’fatty fatty two by four’ poem at work the other day.  In my defense, I was talking to my friend about our recent failure to go to the gym, which we do together.  AND she’s the thinnest person I know. Invisible when standing sideways. But still. I’m evil.

5) Dancing used to be cool. There were dances everyone knew and they involved nifty hand movements and poofy skirts. Dances were danced on TV. I love poofy skirts. I love nifty hand movements. I love TV. I should’a been born in .. 1947.

And… I think that’s all it taught me. But I’m considering purchasing it because I feel there is so much more to learn.So much more.

Also, sweet thing bakeshop deposited its first checks today. Admittedly some have been sitting in my wallet for weeks, but still. First deposit. YAY me.

Jesus don't cry

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Things I learned today:

1) Radicchio is disgusting. Really. It’s like bitterness and crunchiness and grossness all rolled up into a nasty purple leaf.  I remember wanting to make radicchio risotto when I was in college and not being able to find it anywhere – turns out Golden supermarkets were doing me a favor.  Thanks, Golden supermarkets, I would have wasted some serious college student cash on that cabbage wannabe.

2) Cloey will eat anything if you put enough salad dressing on it.  Hello, usage for the radicchio I picked out of my salad.

3) I always get what I want. Apparently. Except when I want it a lot – when I want it more than anything else.  What kind of ‘always get what you want’ is that, hmm? The lame kind, that’s right. And the very worst kind? Having the person who could give it to you telling you ‘you always get your way’, then kicking you out of their life. At least it helps you not want it anymore, I guess, huh?

4) Julianna Margulies has GREAT hair. I learned that women who have that crazy curly hair don’t want it, but man, it looks good from this side of the fence. The mildly-wavy-curly-ish-if-you-don’t-touch-it needs-straightening-if-you-want-it-to look-at-all-intentional side of the fence.

5) Any lawyer that dodges a soundbar ought to be disbarred.

6) Our favorite cake as adults is heavily influenced by what kind of cake our mothers made for our birthdays as children.

7) Just because it seems like two people are a good match on paper, it doesn’t mean they’ll like each other at all in person.

8) Unexpected reactions are addictive.  Ok, I learned that while at brunch with my lovely friend on Saturday, but I remembered today so I’m listing it under things I learned today.

Eight things. Whoever said ‘you learn something new every day’ wasn’t paying attention.  It has been a really really bad day.  But – look at what I have to show! Eight new things.  Yay me.

Well do you want to fall apart? I can't stop if you can't start

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Format are breaking up.
Is it just me, or does the fact that you will never hear a new song from your favorite band feel a little like knowing you won’t get to kiss the man you love ever again? Or finding out that you’re allergic to your favorite food?  Or hearing from your best friend that she’s joining the peace corps somewhere there are no phones?

this SUCKS.