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sexy sexy

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

I realize I’m a little behind the curve here, but what the hell is wrong with this commercial of a very sexy woman in her underwear?

If you object to commercials with semi-naked women period, fine. Object away.  I’m sure you’ll hate this, for example:

However, if you (like the advertising decision makers at ABC) object to the Lane Bryant ad but not the Vicky’s Secret ad, I’m a little confused. Are plus size women somehow more naked than skinny women? I’ll admit there’s more of the Lane Bryant model (in places that I sometimes wish I had more), but there are like four women in the VS ad, so on a skin for skin ratio VS is definitely the worse offender. Plus, those women sort of look like they’re orgasming in waterfalls, and the LB woman is getting ready for a date (albeit a risque one). Are there other guidelines they’re using that I’m missing?

One of Lane Bryant’s supporters (not the company themselves, as far as I can tell) created this rebuttal ad:

I don’t necessarily think this is the right response. Body acceptance means all bodies, y’all – yes, sometimes skinny woman go to unhealthy lengths to be thin, but sometimes they don’t. Sometimes curvy women are sedentary and big eaters, and sometimes they aren’t. The whole book-cover-judger thing goes both ways, right?

you lucky bastard

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Yesterday I had brunch with two exceptionally lovely ladies, and we discussed labels.

I love to be labelled. I love to know that I am an ENTP, a high DIS, and that my number one strength is empathy. I love to be able to tell people that I am an ex-engineer, a blogger, and a pastry chef. I embrace the fact that I’m a type b personality and a shopoholic, an iPad owner and a girl geek.

Most of all, though, I love my style statement.

Organic Whimsy.

Doesn’t that just make you want to go run through a field, throwing daisies behind yourself?

Style Statements are the brainchild of two women in CA (although one seems to have moved on from the business).

What is a Style Statement?

  • An opportunity … to take a breath, look at where you are, reassess your priorities, and go forward confidently and distinctively into the life you really want to live
  • An articulation of who you are … two words that serve as a compass for your choices every day and that keep you grounded in the authentic you
  • A decision … to embrace yourself and nurture your unique style and creative edge

What is the 80/20 Style Statement principle?

This is the magic formula that makes your Style Statement a truly useful tool. The first word of your style statement reflects your inner foundation, your 80%. The second word is your creative edge, your 20%—and it’s often this 20% that people don’t nurture. The 80/20 principle’s combination of energy, ideals, and aesthetics is a powerful equation for creating ease and results in your life.

Your Style Statement consultant will help you understand how this magic formula makes your Style Statement a truly useful tool.

You have a two options for finding your style statement – paying $275 to spend 90 minutes on the phone with Carrie, one of the founders, or paying $25 for the book. Obviously, I chose the book – why spend $250 on a conversation when I could spend it on clothes?

The thing is, when I remember this one, it is useful. I rarely have a project where it behooves me to remember that I’m an ENTP. My empathy is a skill I can’t leave behind if I try. But my style statement, particularly in my personal life, leads me to the right choices if I let it.

For example, I am always buying clothes that I feel are appropriate and that look good on me, only to never wear them. After telling the girls about my style statement at brunch, I went through my closet and pulled those clothes out.

They’re definitely not Organic Whimsy clothes. Sometimes, when I’m shopping, I apparently think I’m this girl:

Or possibly this girl:

I’m not those girls, though. I’m the girl who wears this:

Blazers are an excellent go to item for the modern professional woman, which is probably why I continue to buy them. However, blazers are neither organic nor whimsical, and I don’t wear a single one of the six that I own.

It applies to my house, too. It applies to my ability to plan things in advance. It applies to pretty much everything, if I let it.

Gosh I love labels.

Just call me Organic Whimsy.

are you a shoe?

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

A girlfriend of mine, Tiny Dancer, moved away with her husband after college. They own a house here in Colorado that they rent out, and they come back to throw parties every so often. She and I always have a seriously banging time when she’s out here.


This particular time, after a couple of drinks, I started explaining to her how if she was a thing turned into a person, that thing would be a pointe shoe.

This whole ‘explaining’ thing is what I do when I’m drinking. Other things I’ve explained to people (occasionally strangers) while in the happy arms of alcohol: how I choose nicknames for my blog; why my style statement is ‘organic whimsy’; why girlfriends are the best kind of friends but I don’t do very well at keeping them; and in the memorable case of a budding photographer I met at the Waterloo, why I was totally sure he was gay. He wrote a note on the back of my checkbook at the end of the night offering to be my wedding photographer – ‘if you ever get married’. (Yeah. Fuck you too, lil photoman.)

I then proceeded to tell Tiny Dancer’s little sister that if SHE were a thing turned into a person, that thing would be a man eating orchid. (Don’t worry, Tiny Dancer’s little sister was actually quite flattered.)

They responded by telling me I’m a pom-pom. I can’t possibly explain to you how happy that made me – can you think of something better to be? Cheerful and colorful and used for celebration and enthusiasm?

I told this whole story to Queen B and Suzan when we were together a couple of weeks ago. They wanted to know what they were, but they preferred to stick to shoes, and I can kind of see their point. When you have an entire universe of inanimate objects to choose from, it makes it really hard to compare your outcomes. If I’m a pom-pom and Crockett is one of those oldfashioned shaving cream brushes, how can we analyze our compatibility? And really, how can a pom-pom be friends with a pointe shoe?

Suzan was easy. Queen B has these sexy yet sort of proper boots that I don’t have a picture of – they’re a soft brown leather with a mid-height heel and a toe like this:

and they’re so very Suzan.

I was also easy.

If I have to explain, you don't know me at all. Also, if these disappear from Queen B's house I'm going to need one of you to provide me with an alibi.

Queen B, however, is proving more difficult. We need something sassy yet classy. Definitely something expensive.

Perhaps something like this?

If you’d like to weigh in, feel free to go check out her blog, Queen B Says, and get back to me with suggestions.

What I’m more interested in, though, is what shoe are you? I know you’re out there, darlings, I can see you in my stats, but I don’t know you very well. I want to know what shoe you are, or if you think it’s stupid to even call yourself a shoe. (If that’s the case, you may be in the wrong place. Unless you think it’s awesome to call yourself a pompom. Then you’re definitely in the right place and also do you want to be my best friend?) If you don’t want to stick to shoes, I give you permission to choose anything you want – I’m secretly still thinking of myself as a pom-pom.


Neither the lovely Kortney nor I were able to get photos into the comments, so she was sweet enough to email hers to me. I just have to include them, because how great is the shoe one, and how much do you wish you were the thing-pencil??

Kortney as shoes.

I don’t know where this picture came from, but I need more photos of my feet happily ensconced in beds of clover.

Kortney as a troll pencil thingie.

Sunday Best

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

    Merry Christmas to me!

Merry Christmas to me!

There is absolutely no way this is a real sign. Unless I am just physically incapable of seeing past the dirtiness – but WHAT could this represent?



This is NOT a good idea. This person is either the worlds biggest optimist or an idiot. Or a hermit, I suppose...
This is NOT a good idea. This person is either the worlds biggest optimist or an idiot. Or a hermit, I suppose…
Im buying one for everyone and two for me!
I’m buying one for everyone and two for me!
Im a level 5 vegan - I dont eat anything that casts a shadow.

I'm a level 5 vegan - I don't eat anything that casts a shadow.

Cheap. Ass. Motherfucker. Just say no, sweetie.

Cheap. Ass. Motherfucker. Just say no, sweetie.

Didn't jump! Took a tiny step, and there conclusions were

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Things that would suck:
♠Being an aspiring actress and getting a lead role in a movie, only to discover after the movie is released that it inadvertantly offends a major religion that you personally have no problem with.
♣Sending a mass email to friends and family telling them about some interesting development in your life, but accidentally mistyping one address and it going to a local DJ, who proceeds to read your email on the radio and mock you.
♥Becoming a werewolf.
♦Falling in love with someone rich and getting married and purchasing a nice big house and a new car then discovering he’s actually a polygamist, then getting sued by his other wives for your house and car.
♠Confronting a friend of yours who you think is a compulsive gambler, telling her you know what she’s going through because you were there too, and then finding out that she’s actually a necrophiliac and thinks thats what you were talking about.
♣Accidentally kicking your phone while in the throes of passion and speed dialing your parents.This, in case anyone is wondering, is the only one that has happened to me and it was his parents, not mine. You know, his mom never warmed up to me….

Things that would be awesome:
♥Going on a diet and finding out that when your friends said you had a pretty face they weren’t lying, and becoming a famous model because of your gorgeous bone structure.
♦Going to the Humane Society and adopting an adorable puppy, then getting in the car with her and having her say ‘hi! thank you so much for taking me outta there, we’re going to have so much to talk about! but now, I have to pee’.
♠Getting arrested and tried for something you had nothing to do with, then being found innocent and getting two hundred thousand dollars for your pain and suffering and having lots of hilarious jail stories to tell for the rest of your life.
♣Being George Clooney’s bartender.
♥Being a werewolf and coming to terms with it, then falling in love and finding out your new boyfriend is also a werewolf and is completely up for some crazy werewolf lovemaking.
♦Struggling with your hypochondria and taking one last visit to your doc before going cold turkey, then finding out that you have a mysterious illness that is totally curable and will now be named after you, then being invited on many many talk shows to discuss the aforementioned illness.

Normal things that make me happy:
Strawberries and foxes.
White paint.
Robert B. Parker.
Monkey slippers.