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Now we can stop talking about it. Until next year.

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

People, I was scared of the rapture.

You can ask me why seventeen thousand times and I won’t be able to explain it. Crockett was flabbergasted – he wanted to talk about it and I wanted to stick my fingers in my ears and go LAA-LAA-LAA until he went away. He kept asking why it freaked me out. Did I believe it was going to happen? Was I scared that I would get raptured (fat chance of that happening – living in sin here, y’all) or that I wouldn’t? Was I frightened of the zombies that would chase us around afterwards?

My answer is – got me. I didn’t really believe that the devout were just going to disappear. I didn’t really believe that come yesterday, we’d all be living in some sort of Earth/Hell hybrid.

The idea of the end of the world makes me very uncomfortable. That’s the whole story.

Call me crazy.