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the best show you’re probably not watching

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

I mean, you might be. If you were the kind of person who watched Lifetime. Not that I’m the kind of person who watches Lifetime…. except this show. And Project Runway (which blew like one of those whales that has a blow hole last season). And if I were an Army wife I would SO watch Army Wives… but Crockett is a rocket scientist, not a soldier, and I ain’t his wife. Although if he was in the Army, I probably would be, because otherwise the Army would basically ignore me and that would suck. And if he had a vagina (second post in a row that I used the word vagina – win) then it would go WAY worse for us, but I would love him anyway.

I digress.

Are you watching Drop Dead Diva?

If not, start. The season 2 premiere was last Saturday* so you just need a Season 1 primer and you’ll be good to go – and go you should.

The first season started with Deb, an engaged, thin, blond, kind of stupid in the way they obviously want you to notice  model. Deb, on her way to an audition, gets into a car accident and dies. While in heaven, she’s consulting with an angel and while he’s distracted by her beauty, she pushes a big red button and lo-and-behold, she’s reanimated – in Jane’s body. Jane is the woman in the picture above. Deb is the woman pictured below.

Jane is not thin, not blond, not stupid, and definitely not a model. Jane is a plus size lawyer who can quote Shakespeare and the finer points of complicated Lifetime style law, and she died the same day as Deb. Apparently, the big red button Deb pushed was the ‘put me in the body of someone who can teach me a lesson’ button. While the whole concept seemed a little trite, man alive did they do it well. Jane’s memories (sort of) stick with Deb – she knows the law (which is good because she continues to work as a lawyer), but she doesn’t recognize Jane’s mother. She doesn’t remember Jane’s exes, and she’s still in love with Deb’s fiancé. Deb’s fiancé, in a cruel twist of fate, works at the same law firm as Jane.

Sounds complicated, and it is. Jane (which is what we now call Deb, to avoid confusion) spends the majority of Season 1 trying to figure it out. Her assistant thinks she has amnesia from the accident, and helps her fill in her gaps. Jane reaches out to Deb’s best friend  Stacy (a tall unbELIEvably gorgeous model that thinks Canada is our ‘friendly neighbor to the south’) and explains the whole thing. With those two and a guardian angel – the guy who let Deb push the button – Jane manages to make her life work. Mostly.

She defends those who need defending. She takes care of those that need care. She starts to actually dress for her figure, which considering that she’s a former model who gained 10+ sizes in 30 seconds is pretty impressive. Jane looks better than she ever has, because Deb cares more than Jane ever did. She pines for her ex-fiancé who has no idea she is who she is.

The first season did focus quite a bit on Jane’s weight. We were shown that she has a donut every morning, that she craves foods that she never craved as Deb, and there is a truly great scene when she’s looking at bras and discovering that without her supermodel form they’re a lot harder to find and definitely not as pretty. In an early scene, Jane orders a mojito and Stacy sends it back, telling Jane she wants a rum with club soda and two Splenda. They soon discover Jane is the size she is and the diet goes the way of the dodo, but those were some of the most painful scenes. There was less health-at-every-size attitude towards those episodes, and some of them sort of implied that Jane was plus size because she ate a donut every morning.

Now, though, it’s just about Jane. Yes, there are issues with men seeing her a a friend rather than a romantic interest – but she also gets to sing and dance with Paula Abdul. She does not dress to hide her figure, she dresses to look like a sexy woman. She helps people and is a good friend and is so freaking lovable she’ll be your new role model. She’s wonderful and this show is wonderful.

I’m done gushing. But seriously, people. If you liked Ally McBeal, or if you like Grey’s, or if you like things that are awesome, just watch it**. You won’t regret it.

* Yeah, Saturdays. Whatever, like you don’t have Tivo. If you don’t, you can watch it on

**Drop Dead Diva in no way asked me to write this. I assume you know that, seeing as how the only people who have ever even noticed my lil old blog are the people at Pom Wonderful (which I may or may not be drinking mixed with vodka as I write because dude, they sent me a full case and seriously, it is pretty freaking tasty), but it never hurts to double check. Drop Dead Diva has the emmanation seal of approval.

You are hypnotized by my Brooke Elliott eyes. You want to watch Drop Dead Diva.

Sunday Best

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

We have a First Couple who fist bumps. God bless America.    

We have a First Couple who fist bumps. God bless America.

One of the princes is single! Ok, its not the cute one, but women everywhere are wondering what it would be like to be addressed as Princess. Or maybe thats just me.

One of the princes is single! Ok, it's not the cute one, but women everywhere are wondering what it would be like to be addressed as 'Princess'. Or maybe that's just me.

The HILARIOUS alterations of Janis Joplins wiki page after the 30 Rock episode where they did the same thing. Click here for a screen shot of the page before wikipedia shut it down and fixed it.

The HILARIOUS alterations of Janis Joplin's wiki page after the 30 Rock episode where they did the same thing. Bet Janis thought it was funny too, she seems like a lady with a sense of humor.


A screenshot of the JJ wiki page before wikipedia shut it down and fixed it. Click for larger image.

A screenshot of the JJ wiki page before wikipedia shut it down and fixed it. Click for larger image.

Rachel. Bilson.

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Monday, November 12, 2007

She owns a deli, in the mall, and oftens thinks about meats and cheeses.  I am slowly getting over Chuck (perhaps in self defense because the writers strike will soon affect my… well, my entire life).  However, Rachel Bilson is called Lou, has her whole life on her phone, and is my idol.  I wonder how old she is.  Ohohoh – I checked – she’s only six months younger than me.  It is entirely reasonable that I could, still, be Rachel Bilson.  Score.

Dear catastrophe waitress

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

a) Sara got sent home?  B. A. loney.  Yep.  She was gorgeous and could have gotten fatter.   Anyone who is already in the running for plus size could put on some weight, so send that stupid bitch Chantal home and let Sara eat anything she wants for a week.  Problem solved.

b) What kind of stupid girl gets into this position?  If I was reading a book about me I would be yelling ‘he. is. not. your. guy.’  Of course, if this was a book there would probably be a perfectly eligible lovely man waiting in the wings, ready to sweep me off my feet as soon as I get over this.. guy I’m in love with. I do love him though.

c) Nicola Griffith seems bound and determined to scare the shit out of me.  Seriously.  Fictional stories should not contain so many references to the powerlessness of women in the face of home invasion/mugging/rape/stalkers etc.  But I want to see how it ends.  I know this sounds weird, but I’ve not read a lesbian writer before who can make me see the aggressive side of lesbian sex, like heterosexual sex can have. 

d) I put my plate on the ground for my puppy chica after I finish dinner.  It’s our ritual.  If I had salad, and I happened to leave a leaf stuck on the plate, she carefully removes the leaf, places it on the floor, licks off the dressing, sniffs it, and moves on with her life.  And that is why she and I are soulmates.

e)  Do you ever wonder what you would do if you had a genie?  I know, first, second, and third.  And fourth, just in case my personal genie sucks at math.

Buckle up ladies, it's going to be a bumpy ride

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Popular.  No, not the state of popularity – the television show.  Unfamiliar?  See here.
I watched it in college, then my sophomore year they moved it to Friday nights.  Even in engineering school, I did in fact have other things to do Friday nights.    So, I am now netflixing the second season.
The first season is all about Sam and Brooke and thier whole dueling click thing.  But NOW in season 2…. it’s all about Harrison!
First, he gets cancer, then he gets religion, t h e n he gets a bone marrow transplant from Nicole (the high school whore of babylon which every teen show must have).  He comes back to high school all old school Harrison. 

In this episode, he gets evil!  He is wearing black and slicking his hair back and being mean and I totally dig it.  Two episodes I was cryin’ cause of the cancer and all, and now I’m… well, I’m a little hot for Harrison.

So of course I wiki’ed him.  His name is Christopher Gorman and he’s on Ugly Betty now…. why aren’t I watching that show?  Seriously.  He’s also married to this girl from the first season of Popular, for which I guess I’m happy… I spose.  Anyway, this is the last season they made the show.  I realize there is going to be a chiffhanger and I’m not sure I’m prepared.

Final thoughts?  Still watching the episode – turns out he’s evil cause of the marrow donation.  Evil cells transferred from Nicole to him.  They’re going to do an exorcism.  Best. High. School. Drama. Ever.  Except Buffy.

Also.. Mary Cherry.  I can’t stop laughing.