The Lovely Laura

If you want to know about me read Emma’s introduction below.  I am not really all of those things she says, but it makes me sound so good that I don’t think I’ll be redirecting your attention to the cellulite of my personality, as it were.  Sorry.

Alright, alright.  I’m 30.  As in, years old, minutes from a meltdown, and that many pages into any given book before I give up on it.  For all of those reasons, I write.  I have a family with children, own my own home (well, the way most Americans “own” a home- I have a mortgage), have good oral hygiene?  You get the idea.

Laura by Emma

I don’t remember meeting Laura. I know it was some time in 7thgrade, possibly on the Welcome Middle Schoolers! tour. I’d just transferred to the mountain school system that we would both graduate from, and she’d gone there her whole life, but we were both required to tour. That would be the tour where, when we went by the nurses office the nurse mentioned that she had condoms if anyone needed them, and I blurted out ‘CONDOMS? In HIGH SCHOOL?’*.

*I was that girl.

What? I was fat! No one wanted to have sex with me, so I assumed no one was having sex. Also? I was like 12. Probably it wouldn’t be all bad if more 12 year olds were shocked at the idea of sex in high school.

Laura was probably among the girls who laughed at me, but I don’t remember being insulted. I remember being so happy when she was willing to hang out with me – even then, she was smart and confident and she knew what was important and what wasn’t. While I was passing notes about boys and dropping out of the Talented and Gifted Program (because being smart is so embarrassing, amirite ladies?), Laura was actually doing her homework. And passing notes about boys afterwards.

In high school, I became a gigantic flake. I didn’t know what or who I wanted to be (thank god that’s over … ahem), and I wasn’t the friend I could or should have been. I spent our entire junior year with a group of seniors, and when they graduated I was all alone. Laura took me back, which I think is a decision that most 18 year old women are too vindictive to make. If you don’t know a lot of 18 year old women, just trust me when I say ‘forgive and forget’ isn’t big in their vocabulary.

We haven’t been constantly tight since then, since we went to different colleges and took different paths, but we make time for each other.  She knew about my eating disorder and I was in her wedding. She forced me to go on a blind date with the man who is now the love of my life – even when I’m being a brat, Laura knows what’s good for me. I work to be her friend, because being her friend is worth it. She gets stressed and I get busy, then I get stressed and she gets busy, but we come together as often as we can.

She’s still smart and she still knows how to make good decisions. She’s only gotten more beautiful and she still surprises me with some of the things she thinks and says, which is pretty good considering I’ve known her for 5/8 of my life. I don’t know what she’s going to say about herself, but as far as I’m concerned here’s all you need to know: she rocks, and when she talks (or writes, as the case may be) it’s worth listening.

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